The An-Nasr Foundation is an organisation established with the sole purpose of assisting the needy.

The Foundation aims to do this by initiating various projects that can facilitate this task. Through this, the foundation empowers the needy to become self sustaining. This is achieved through skill training and capacity building.

By doing this, the dignity of the individual is restored and his/her self-esteem raised. The person understands that s/he is valuable and has contribution to make to uplift the next person. Through this we create a culture of caring for our fellow human being especially the most vulnerable in society.

To work towards the creation of a society where the basic needs of all people,like food security, housing,
employment, education, health and safety, are met and there exist socio economic justice and harmony.

Our mission is to build an effective organisation that is capable of dealing with the plight of people,
especially the most vulnerable i.e. women, children, elderly and youth, responding to any disaster and to
serve as a catalyst for social transformation.

Focus Areas:

  1. Skills development and training
  2. Youth development
  3. Paralegal support
  4. Food Security
  5. Disaster management
  6. Community workers
  7. Community and child safety
  8. Education support
  9. Bursary support.