Community Development

The purpose of this programme is to give concrete support to communities that require assistance. The assistance is in the form of direct co-operation with community organisations that exist in the area where the help is needed. Based on a needs assessment and with broad consultation. An Nasr engage various stakeholders to develop a strategy to address the plight of the community. This range from micro issues relating to the individual as well as more complex issues that affect the broader community and may require mass community participation. Central to the programme is An Nasr Foundation advice office which assists with legal advice as well as providing advice on any other matters.

Economic Development

The purpose of this programme is to create the necessary support structures that ensure the growth of the local economy in poorer communities. This is done by galvanizing the local business people to create jobs for the unemployed. Central to this programme is the assistance to small struggling enterprises by proving them with stratagic support. The An Nasr Foundation actively engages with government to assist emerging business people and provide jobs for the unemployed through the extended public works programme. The Foundation actively encourages people to form co-operatives as a means of building economic resources and financial independence.


Education and Skills Development

The purpose of this programme is to provide the necessary skills training based on the needs and skills shortages that exist. This is done through a needs assessment and analysis made of variousĀ  trends in industry and the job market. Training is done through practical application of skills to prepare trainees to enter the job market. Central to this programme is IT and computer literacy course that provided a wide range of end user training.


Housing Development

The purpose of this programme is to address the housing shortage. Due to social-economic inequality created by apartheid there remains a vast shortage of affordable housing despite the grant attempts by government. The Foundation engages with various role players to address this situation and intends to embark on mass housing project. The aim is to produce affordable housing that meets the international standards set by the UN.


Youth Development

The purpose of his programme is to create the necessary infrastucture that provides youth with opportunities to develop their potential to the fullest. This is done through the skills Development and Community Development programmes of the Foundation. Central to this programme is Youth Leadership project that prepares young people for adult life and meet the many challenges life has to offer and prepare them for a career. Sports and recreation is central in the development of young people and is actively encouraged and promoted by the Foundation.


The following are projects in the pipeline

  1. Food Security Project
  2. Education Support Project
  3. Paralegal Advice Office
  4. IT training Project
  5. Disaster Management Project
  6. Healthcare Centre
  7. Child Safety Project
  8. Youth leadership Project